100% Honest answer, Especially for a new company, your rates are not going to be low . TOVO are one of only a handful couple of genuine organisations out there that help the CBD/Hemp Oil Industry. Unfortunately due to the nature of the industry and business and the current banking restrictions, we have limited options as far as "low rates" go for CBD OIL Merchants.
Notwithstanding trader account administrations and card handling administrations for cbd oil, we additionally give answers for some high hazard dealer types including cannabis industry, CBD Oil, Smoke Shops/Head Shops, Smoke and Glass supplies.
Indeed, in specific cases. On the off chance that a merchant needs a high amount of processing volume ,our acquiring bank will ask for additional information approving this. Typical documents requested are business financials, tax returns, previous processing statements and banking statements.
We are able to process for most types of cbd oils or hemp oil businesses from one owner to multi-location to large corporations.
Sign up and documentation is very simple , Please click on this link to start sign up ,and then you are required to submit few documents to start processing and get the approval ,usually approval takes less than 72 Hrs if all the documents are submitted.
Your completed application is submitted to our team of Underwriters, who will review your application and all documents.Generally, to get the account approved, it takes nearly 48 - 72 HRS.
We offer professional, clear, and effective technical support. The team of technical support professionals are committed to optimising merchant’s online performance by responding to every inquiry and taking immediate action regarding any technical difficulties or account issues, We offer 24/7 ticket and chat support
Integration to our system is very easy. The integration documents are provided in your terminal dashboard . we offer simple API and web shop plugins together with the virtual terminal , to process your transactions .
Tovo dashboard supplies merchants with highly comprehensive real-time online reports of their activity. Merchants enjoy the flexibility of fully customizing their own online reports out of a wide range of report types, with various filters ,which are structured according to the merchant's business needs.
Merchants are able to generate interactive reports such as:
    1. Transactional Reports
    2. Chargebacks Reports
    3. Statistics Reports
    4. Risk Reports
You only need to pay an affordable monthly fee with transaction fees for your account. You can find the details of your fee in the merchant dashboard.
Should you not be satisfied with our service or if for some reason you wanted to cancel our services, please send us an email to our Merchant Account Team and they will be assisting you.
We can process both Visa and Mastercard.
Yes. The customers, when placing orders, will be redirected to our secure payment page to ensure that their payment details (card, name, address, etc) are kept secure and confidential.
Our Settlement Team will wire your payments to your bank account and our Merchant Services Team will confirm this by sending you the bank slip together with a detailed report of the transactions covered by the payout.
For weekly Settlements: Settlements are made weekly with 12 business days as arrears, provided that you meet the minimum required amount of $5000.
For Monthly Settlements : Settlements are made monthly with 15 business days as arrears, provided that you meet the minimum required amount of $5000.
We will give you access to our Tovo merchant system where you could monitor your transactions and do the necessary refunds.
Should you encounter any errors or technical difficulties, our friendly associates are standing by to assist you. You can reach us by chat ,email or ticket support..
Should you encounter any discrepancies, our friendly associates are standing by to assist you. . You can reach us by chat ,email or ticket support.
We do not limit the transaction volume. However, we set a limit on the amount per Transaction, Amount of transactions per day, and Amount of transactions per month. In the event that you would need to increase your limit, our merchant services would be available to take your request.
For card transactions, Tovo will reserve 10% of the processing volume as security deposit. The reserved funds will be paid out to you after 180 days.
Reports are generated every Thursday and payments are made every Monday.
    - URL/Website must have THC is less than 0.3% OR "Legal in All 50 States" in footer
    - Must have legal name and address listed in footer of homepage
    - Remove any website privacy on whois
    - Terms & Conditions (preferably in footer)
    - Privacy policy (preferably in footer)
    - Refund policy (preferably in footer)
    - Contact Page with full address and customer care contact number
    - Add card brand logos to checkout page
    - No pictures of marijuana plants / buds